Phebes, this is my house. :P Beautiful, I know. The house itself is actually a double wide that we added onto, making it technically a triple wide. (How redneck, right?)

My house contains:

5 bedrooms (two girls, one boy, one nursery/playroom, one master)

3 bedrooms (one male, one female, one attached to master bedroom)

Kitchen with bar seating for 3 (very small laundry room off side)

Dining room with seating for 8

Front room designed around a monster flat screen and video games

If you get bored and feel like trying to create this in sim version … have fun, lol. ;)

  1. thebigorangecouch said: I will work on it this week for you dear. I am going to get my playing done now and then tinker with it on and off. Post some house pics on FB or something so I can do it up good!
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