"But Waaarrrreennn, my arms already hurt." Brooke swung half-heartely at the bag again.

"You’ve only been doing it for five minutes. Come on, put some effort into it!" With a huff, Brooke turned back to punching.

Twelve minutes later …

"See, don’t you feel pumped?" Warren moved in and put his arms around Brooke. Working out always seemed to get his juices flowing.

"No, now I feel sore and sweaty." Warren starts to kiss the side of Brooke’s neck. "Hey, you said you would try my new recipe if I worked out with you."

Chuckling, Warren started to hedge Brooke out the room, “I’ll try it … right after we do a bit more cardio!” 


"S’up? New here?" Warren gives a shrug. Suddenly, Brooke comes running up, holding out a rose.

"Look what I got you! Isn’t that funny, Warren? I got YOU a rose. It’s suppose to be the other way around. Funny, right?" Brooke continued to hold out the flower despite Warren trying to push it away. 

"That your girl, Bro?" Warren felt embarrassment creeping up his neck. It was always like that with Brooke. She knew exactly how to act a fool at the wrong moment. But he figured that was one of the reasons they were still together after three years. 

"Yeah, she’s mine."


Meet Warren and Brooke!

Warren Hotchner: Body Builder - Athletic, Ambitious, Bro

Brooke Spear: Master Chef - Outgoing, Goofball, Foodie 


Friends don’t let friends drink and text….

…nor operate stoves when they are dog tired!


Trying shit out

Don looks so stupid!


I guess I tried to move too quickly, got turned down.

But they parted as friends


Next day its coffee and eggs for the night owls


Happy Hour :D 

Met hopeful romantic interest (spoiler: they never make it past first base - EVER)


First friend made in the park, night time jogging, and bumping into their version of Don Lothario.


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