I’m going for the win this year! I WILL do it, I will finish one damn thing this year, lol. Anyone else taking the plunge? Find me on the site and add me as a writing buddy. I’m under the same name there too: Bordelinski

(On a side note, my SIL has got Hubby and I signed up to run a 5k with her and her husband on Thanksgiving morning. And here I thought I was going to get a break by traveling out of state…)


tumblinrob replied to your post “tumblinrob replied to your post “Origin Troubles” Try to register them…”

Then…ew…call…ew…customer…ew…service…ew ew ew?

Ugh I did, AND I forgot my security question cuz I have senior moments. The first guy just hung up on me when i couldn’t answer the question. So I called back and told the second guy I could tell him every game in the account and the codes.

After the second code, this guy caved and restored my games to me. He said these have different codes. Whatever, they are now on my laptop so meh. (And he got me to update my security question :P )

Now … to download a house that has the tractor, baking stove and canning crap already in it… hopefully. 

Thank you for your assistance, Kind Sir!


tumblinrob replied to your post “Origin Troubles”

Try to register them again?

Tried that, said that code was already in use. :/


Origin Troubles

So I was downloading my sims 3 games from Origin when I noticed I was short 2 stuff packs: High End Loft and Fast Lane. I bought them from a store and still have the codes I registered them with but they are no longer in “My Games” in my account. (I have the discs too but my drive doesn’t work on this laptop.)

Any suggestions OTHER than waiting forever for a chat person to “resolve” my issue? 


tumblinrob replied to your post “Gonna toss a few more TS4 pics out today. I redownloaded TS3 and threw…”

Nice to see you, B! :)

Aww shucks! :D

Hubby is working nights on a turn-a-round. Leaves too much time to be alone…

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